Friday, April 13, 2012

A Pseudo Scone Moment

I've been cooking up a storm, much to Gene's delight. With many new dinner recipes under my belt, I have turned my thoughts to tea recipes. In particular, I will be providing tea treats for a Moms' group next week. It's an evening event at a church with no access to the kitchen facilities, so I need to prep everything ahead of time. Also, all the treats need to taste good at room temperature. The problem I have is scones! Scones, in my opinion, are the cornerstone of any tea event. With Devonshire cream, a fruit jam of some kind, and lemon curd.  If there are no scones, you may as well be drinking bagged tea from styrofoam cups! The notion! The specific issue is temperature. If it's not a hot scone, or at least a very warm scone, you may as well not be serving them at all. So, if I can not serve warm scones, what's a tea die-hard to do?

Enter Laura Calder's Powder Puff. Laura Calder's French Food at Home show on the Cooking Channel is one of my recent discoveries and a supplier of many of the dinner recipes I have been experimenting with. She is fast becoming my favorite TV personality. Her obsession and quirky love of French food strikes a chord with my own inner tea nerd. She ended today's show on "Olives" with the words, "O-live all of you. Ha ha!"  She's awesome.  Anyhoo, a recent show highlighted a light and fluffy dessert called the Powder Puff. When I saw it, I realized this could be the answer! This could be my pseudo-scone!  Within this puff is both a layer of cream and a layer of jam. It does not need to be served at any particular temperature. AND it has all components pre-assembled, which means less dishes, utensils and complexities for me to bring along!

The spongy puff itself is surprisingly easy to make, and my almost-four-year-old helped me assemble my test batch by spooning on the cream, which consisted of heavy whipping cream, vanilla and a bit of powdered sugar. After a bit of experimentation, I learned that it is better to be very generous with the layer of whipped cream and the layer of jam to achieve the picturesque presentation as seen above.  Find Laura Calder's Powder Puff Recipe Here.

While I'd ultimately love to serve scones to the ladies next week at our tea event, this is the perfect room temperature substitute with all the components I love for a proper "tea." I'll be sure to document all the tea goodies we enjoy and include recipes of all the favorites.

Bon appetit!