Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Gifted Moment

One of the things I've wanted to tackle while on maternity leave is finishing a draft of my International Tea Moment Mystery.  I was on a roll before I got pregnant, and once the nausea hit, well,  my creativity hit a brick wall.  Now that all is right in the world again, the story has been brewing once more in my mind. It's just a matter of diving back in. And thanks to a kindred spirit and friend that I've developed through an mutual interest in tea, I'm ready to do just that. This isn't the first time A.H. has encouraged/prodded me back into action, and for that I am very grateful.

You see, this lovely package arrived in the mail from Germany just the other day...

Gift-wrapped in cute Matryoshka Doll paper was an assortment of Russian teas and treats, as well as a package of one of my favorite black tea blends that I can't find in the U.S.: Kaiser!  This incredibly inspiring gift accomplished 3 things, as I'm sure A.H. intended. 1. It was a congratulatory recognition of the birth of my 2nd daughter. 2. It provided one of my personal favorites, which is so touching to realize that a friend will remember such details. 3. It gently nudged me back toward an immersion into all things Russian, so I can complete my book. While her lovely handwritten note said nothing about my writing, the contents of the package spoke volumes.

Feeling as though I was about to venture off on an exotic journey, I took a moment to have a private, indulgent tea party for one, in honor of my supportive friend.  I allowed myself a cream-filled doughnut, some fresh strawberries, and a strong cup of Kaiser. The treats were placed on a china plate from my great-grandmother, the tea in a cup from the heirloom wedding china given to us by my mother-in-law, and all laid out on linen given to me by a friend who has lived and worked in Russia over the years.

A small, informal, tea party for one, but each detail fraught with meaning.  Danke schoen, A.H. for such a special gift, and for that gentle push into action once again!  Or as the Russians say, spasibo!