Monday, April 9, 2012

A Charged Moment

With less than 8 weeks left of maternity leave, I've got the feeling of needing to kick it into high gear and accomplish an embarrassingly long "to-do" list of home projects and intentions that I wrote during week 1 after Anne Marie was born. They range in complexity and practicality from "Hang bulletin board in kitchen" to "Sew a dress" - (yes, I've been watching too much Project Runway).  So far I've accomplished 1 and 1/2 items on that list of about 40 things.

You may think to yourselves that I should be taking advantage of this time to bond with my baby, slow things down, do some things that I enjoy. And I agree with you. Anne Marie is my partner in crime on all of these projects, though I admit her demands for eating are the main reason I have not gotten very far in our accomplishments.  And though she is a pretty good sleeper for a 3-week-old, I'll also admit my energy levels are not 100%. Sleeping at night in 3 hour shifts is not optimal.

So, it was with great joy and celebration that I received a package in the mail on Friday from California Tea and Coffee Brewery, based in Temecula. I had asked the Twitterverse for recommendations on a solid Irish or English Breakfast Tea, and @CA_Tea responded that they had just what I was looking for. In this package, I had received my order of not only an Irish Breakfast blend (this is the only blend they do in-house! Hats off to you, Diane) and an English Breakfast blend, they had included a few other exciting choice samples (to be revealed and reviewed at a future moment). I took no time in brewing up a very large cup of Irish Breakfast right then and there. And then another. And another. Easter weekend consisted of consuming nearly equal quantities of candy and tea. Not a bad combination, if you ask me. They were enough to keep me going during the many holiday weekend activities.

Waiting for the Easter egg hunt

Petting zoo

Home and everyone needs a nap!

This morning, I knew I wanted to get serious about some of my to-do items. And once again I turned to my current obsession. Brewed in a tea cup that belonged to my Mom's Mom, my Grandma Betty, I felt the desire to conjure up some of her drive and creativity.

She had six children, was a serial entrepreneur, a born entertainer, and definitely a free spirit. I guess there's something about this tea that reminds me of her. It is bold but smooth, but can transform to something sweet and sublime with just a little cream and sugar. It adds a spring to my step and a sense of purpose to my schedule. Anne Marie: brace yourself. We're going to get some things DONE today! 

P.S. California Tea and Coffee Brewery - I may be placing a standing monthly order of your extraordinary Irish Breakfast Tea. We've reached obsession over here! :)

Visit California Tea and Coffee Brewery at:
40315 Winchester Rd Ste A
Temecula, CA
(951) 693-5727

And follow them on Twitter: @CA_Tea