Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Moment of Disarray

I have over 65 different teas on my tea shelf. And I am actually getting ready to place an order for more. I'm running dangerously low on several favorites. While it may seem like 65 teas should be more than enough for even the greatest of tea fans, the reality is that I drink so much tea it's just not. But then there is the problem of storage. I now have an entire shelf in my pantry devoted to tea. It's even organized by Black, Green, Oolong, White and Infusions. But I'm finding I still need a space for Pu-Ehr. And my bins are in need of a good straightening. Tea seems to be in complete disarray!

As is my writing. The real crux of the matter has not yet occurred, though I'm getting close. And in the mean time, there are a lot of minor character interactions that seem to be important, even though I don't know quite where they belong yet. I've got random conversations floating around in my mind as disorganized as my tea shelf currently seems to be. Maybe it's a sign. Clean tea shelf. Clear thoughts. Here are some examples.

Drew was grateful for a free day where she was not required to be anywhere at any particular time. Local maps and drivers have been made available to all of her guests, as well as direct phone access to her. While she fully expected several calls throughout the day, there would be plenty of solitude.  She sat at a small bistro table off of the hotel lobby taking her morning tea, just accessible enough to any of her guests who needed a word before departing.
She heard, rather than saw, her first guests.
“I don’t care what you do! Go find some pretty boys to play doctor with.,“ Caitlin jeered at someone, most likely her brother. Drew could overhear a sharp response, but couldn’t make out the words.
“Why I take pity on you is beyond me. Now shut up, here he comes. One more word and you’re cut off. Period.” Suddenly the syrup turned on. “There you are, Anatoli!”
So Anatoli was taking Caitlin on a private tour today. Interesting.
Cody came rushing by her table and knocked over the empty chair. Fumbling to set it upright, he blushed crimson when he saw who occupied the other chair.
“S-s-sorry. I just..” He shrugged his shoulders and appeared to be thinking of any way to exit gracefully.
“Don’t worry about it. Have a seat and try some of these blinis. They are to die for. Can I pour you some tea?”
She could see he wanted more than anything to get out of there, but she was dying of curiosity to understand this brother-sister celebrity train wreck a little more.
Finally, he sat down and forced a smile of thanks. Drew flagged down a server and requested another order of blinis and was about to ask for another pot of tea when Cody interrupted the order and asked almost sheepishly, “Would you be totally offended if I just got some black coffee?”
Drew laughed.
“Go for it!”
Drew watched him as he fidgeted in his chair.
“How is the tour treating you so far?” she asked gently.
“The tour guide is fantastic,” he said with a wink at her.  “My travel companion leaves much to be desired, though that probably comes as no shock to you.” He said this matter-of-fact, much to Drew’s surprise. She had come to expect his behavior to be consistently of the kicked puppy variety.
“I’ve always found the phrase, ‘the price of fame,’ to be more applicable to the famous one’s friends and families.”
Cody snorted. “My price is indentured servitude and serial abuse.  All for a gamble on a trust fund, that in all honesty probably does not exist.” After looking off into space for a second, he looked directly at Drew and said, “I’m actually a pretty good stylist, you know. I actually bowed out of a Sofia Coppola movie for this. And forgive me for being a dick, but I don’t even like tea.“
Drew smiled sympathetically, not sure what he was looking for.
“It was actually me who got her first gig. I was working on a Jason Statham set, and they needed an extra girl in a bikini for a pool scene when guess-who dropped in on me to borrow some cash. I turned that piece of trash into instant treasure, and the rest is history. And here’s the thanks I get. This is the thanks I get!” He slammed his palms on the small table and stood up.
“I’m done. I think I am just about, totally done. Sorry to wreck your breakfast.” And with that, he rushed out of the hotel and disappeared.
Drew watched where he had disappeared and pondered his words. She remembered the movie that had introduced Caitlin to the Hollywood scene. She had never heard the back story. Cody was right. Some thanks he got.
As she was about to open her door, she heard raised voices and paused.
“It’s bad enough to find out Hollywood’s Bimbo is on my tea tour, of all things. But for you to flaunt your supposed conquests in everyone’s faces the entire trip…”
“Oh, there’s nothing supposed about it!”
A door slammed, and she heard Cailtin’s voice screech some choice names immediately after. She waited until all was quiet before venturing into the hallway.
“To insinuate that tragedy was anything more than just that, a tragedy, is despicable.  That girl hid her history of heart problems just to qualify as a patient. Ricardo was absolutely devastated when he learned she had died.”