Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Immortal Moment

I think I can say it. Summer is back. And it's sizzling hot! You may hear about the warm California sun, but these past 12 months have been strange and unpredictable. And hardly sunny.  It's been over a week now, however, and while we still have traces of June gloom in the morning (also known as the marine layer) it burns off well before noon and the heat begins to rise, rise, rise!  Oh summer, how I've missed you!

And with summer heat comes the necessity of iced tea to keep things cool. Today, I decided it's time to brew some to have on hand while I work. Not just any tea would do, however. Today I decided to go with some Immortal Green from American Tea Room. I love the description they have on their site:
In Taoism, peaches are considered to be an “elixir of life,” and there are stories of a peach tree that granted immortality to all who consumed its fruit. In modern science, Japanese green tea has been associated with longevity and wellbeing. With Immortal Green, we have combined these two elixirs in one enchanting brew.
This peach and passion fruit-infused sencha is just the right, summery balance of sweet and slightly astringent. It refreshes as well as cleanses your palate and it is equally delicious hot and iced. I'm not typically a fan of fruity teas, because they often have that sickening-ly sweet after taste. Not so with this one! That makes me so happy!

All this immortal talk brings to mind the character of Caitlin. She fancies herself the next icon in line behind Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson. But were/are they as badly behaved as this diva?

As the cars pulled up to the Baikal Museum, Drew sucked in her breath with horror. Waiting around the entrance was a pack of bona fide paparazzi.
“Keep driving!” she barked at the driver, panic rising. This is exactly what did not happen on her watch. Discreet. No published itinerary. Absolutely no paparazzi. Where was the leak? How did they know?
“No, no! Stop the car!” Caitlin screeched at Drew. “They are here for me! You’re ruining everything!”
Drew turned and stared at her. “You did this?”
Caitlin smiled at herself in her compact as she did a final make-up check.
“PETA will be crawling back to me in two seconds when they see how passionate I am about saving the Baikal dolphins.”
“Seals.” Cody said flatly.
“Whatever.” And she flung open the door, gracing the flash bulbs with her megawatt smile.
Drew stared after her, desperately trying to conjure a contingency plan.
Cody caught Drew’s attention.
“It’s okay to hate her, you know,” he said, and slowly eased himself out of the opposite door, out of the view of the cameras.