Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Junie None Moment

Business travel is part of what I do, and although I have cut back, I'm still on a plane about once a month. For this month's trip, I had the rare but lovely treat of being able to schedule in tea with my cousin Heather, the author and craftswoman of "The Adventures of Junie None."

In my family, the siblings of both my parents only have one daughter each. This causes we girl cousins to have a bit of a closer bond, I think, because we are the closest thing we have to sisters.

Heather and I met at Lisa's Tea Treasures at the Pruneyard (I'd love to know the history on this shopping center known as "The Pruneyard.") Such a respite is rare for either of us, so we lost no time in catching up from the second we laid eyes on each other.

Her mom was the one who introduced me to my first tea house experience. Another location of Lisa's Tea Treasures, by the way. And we talked, as I had with her mom so many years ago, about life, family, and the latest happenings "on the farm." I could listen to my cousin tell "farm" stories for days on end. Whether the topic is The Crazy Red Hen or Goat Birthday Parties or The Art of Taking Family Portraits, I am always in for a rollicking laughter. The phrase, "the truth is stranger than fiction," should be emblazoned on their family crest. That, and chickens.

While our time together was short (three hours), we managed to catch up on life in general until the next happy chance to share another tea moment together.