Friday, May 6, 2011

An All's Well That's Dragon Well Moment

The universe is telling me 2 things right now. "Drink more Dragon Well" (Long Jing), and "Write."  Don't you ever have those times when a theme keeps repeating and repeating until you just have to stop and pay attention? It started with a note from dear Abadia with the attached photo of her own "Long Jing Moment."

She writes, "I'm sending you a picture of a "Long Jing" Tea Moment (in Germany known as Lung Chin or Drachenbrunnentee = Dragonwell) on my balcony in your honour.... The weather gets better here!" (They have had a long and cold winter).

Doesn't that look lovely? So, immediately after I received her note, Gene returned from his trip to Hong Kong with not just one package of Dragon Well, but two! Who am I to ignore God's invitation to tea?

At the same time, I've suddenly been receiving all of these blank notebooks from various, unexpected events and places. There are few things I love more than new notebooks. So here are these notebooks, and all of these ideas have been flooding my head, and I have come across notes from stories I had outlined in the past. Once again, Abadia's words struck me with its serendipity, "As a mother of three very lively, vivacious young ladies, I need some oases. I read a lot, one can say, I devour books, and I drink lots of tea, and the best of all is both together! One of these oases are tea and, since I "discovered" you, your blog."

Those words sparked a fireworks display of ideas in my mind. I enjoy that same oasis of tea and books whenever I possibly can. But her encouragement has compelled me to take a step toward something I've been thinking about for a long time. A book. A mystery. One about tea. And I invite you to share in my journey.

It could be a few months, it could be a few decades, so buckle your seatbelts. In any event, I will begin documenting my progress in writing a book that has been incubating in my brain for many years: An International Tea Moment Mystery: Siberia.

With that, I pour myself a cup of Dragon Well and hope that this experiment does, indeed, end well. Wish me luck!