Monday, March 21, 2011

A Moment of Faithfulness

Yesterday, I had starting writing a post entitled, "A Hanging Cow Hide Moment." You'll have to forgive me for putting that particular moment on hold, but I'm a little distracted. My Grandpa passed away yesterday. Peacefully, and surrounded by ones who loved him so dearly. I'm torn between being selfishly sad because I can't see him anymore or hear his stories or listen to his incredible Donald Duck imitation - and being so happy for him as he is now where he has so longed to be: In Heaven with his Savior.

My Grandpa was a man of faith. And if you took a moment to review his progeny (6 children plus numerous grand and great-grandchildren), you would see they are each individuals and families of faith. For him, I believe this would be his proudest legacy.

The tea cup pictured above is one that my Grandpa let me choose from my Grandma's collection when she passed away many years ago. It has been keeping me company today as I have attempted to work. It also makes me think of his lovely voice. Growing up, one of my favorite things was listening to my Grandma and Grandpa, and my Mom and her 5 siblings sing together. They sang traditional hymns in such beautiful harmony.

The thought keeps coming back to me that the one thing he would want us to remember is the Faithfulness of God. I found this on YouTube (of course), and while it is not any of my relatives, it is in the same vein as the music they sang, and the family still sings, together. The song is one of the staples from my youth. And a truth I am leaning on today. Great is Thy Faithfulness.