Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Vicarious French Tea Moment

A little over a year ago, Gene and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary by taking a quick trip to Paris. Among the many treasured moments we shared there, one that stands out so beautifully is our visit to the famed tea purveyors, Mariages Freres.

It just so happens that our friend, Thomas, was on business in Cannes recently (I know, rough life!) and had to pass a tea shop daily, Les Thes Duval, that just so happened to carry Mariages Freres tea. Is there anything better than a French sidewalk cafe? And a French sidewalk cafe that specializes in tea! Happy, happy thought!

He remembered how much I had enjoyed their tea in Paris, so he dropped me an email asking if there was anything he could pick up for us. While they did not have the "Duke of Wellington" blend, of which I had just run out, Les Thes Duval did recommend another strong Breakfast Blend by the name of "Kaiser." And yes, it is just as in-your-face as the name implies. Perfect for a morning eye-opener.

Walls of tea... They just make me so happy. Would it be strange if I constructed a wall of tea in my new house? 
So, with a package of tea arriving in the mail and a delivery of photos in my inbox, I was able to enjoy a vacarious French Tea Moment from the comfort of home. C'est tres bien. Merci, Thomas!