Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Tea Schwag Moment

It may not look pretty here, but to me this is the most beautiful mess in the world. From all corners of the U.S.A, from Japan, and from Canada... The schwag has arrived, and I can hardly wait to assemble the bags. Yes, I enjoy tea. But I absolutely love sharing my discoveries with other people. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!

I was at MOPS last night (and if you're not a mother of a pre-schooler, this probably means nothing to you,) and while the conversation mostly revolved around those topics that consume our current lives - potty training, sippy cups, tantrums, and the analysis of all manner of bodily functions - the topic of tea did come up. Some of these gals enjoyed tea from time to time, and had never had the time or inclination to explore many different kinds. But they knew in general what they liked. Black tea. Green tea. Herbal tea.

As I listened to them talk, my mind reeled with the smorgasbord of black teas I'd like to introduce to this one, the myriad green varieties I'd like to share with this one, the palate-pleasing-plethora-of-perfectly-steeped herbals I'd like to offer this one...

This is what the tea event, any tea event, is all about. An introduction to new flavors and indulgences. All legal, all subtle, but all luxurious. And I don't know about you, but I could use of dose of luxury every now and again. Can't wait to share stories and photos of An International Tea Moment's Best of 2010 Tea Luncheon!