Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An International Tea Moment Presents The Best of 2010

Another year has zipped by of sipping old favorites, exploring new avenues, achieving many breakthroughs and receiving beautiful packages of amazing teas with requests for review. I have (somehow, and with much painful deliberation) managed to identify my favorite teas and tea venue of the year. It is my distinct pleasure to announce An International Tea Moment's picks for The Best Tea of 2010!

Best of 2010 Black Tea

Best of 2010 Black Tea Blend

Best of 2010 Chinese Green Tea

Best of 2010 Japanese Green Tea

Best of 2010 Green Tea Blend

Best of 2010 White Tea

Best of 2010 White Tea Blend

Best of 2010 Oolong

Best of 2010 Herbal Infusion

In addition to some expanded categories above, I am also introducing two new categories:
Executive's Choice - The one tea that I could not get enough of throughout the year and introduced to practically everyone I met.
Tea Venue - The venue that provided the most memorable moment due to service, offerings, and reader feedback.

As with all "Best Of" decisions this year, these last two decisions kept me up nights, as there were 2 standouts in each of the new categories. But the winners are:

Best of 2010 Executive Choice

Best of 2010 Tea Venue

Congratulations to all the award-winners! You will each be receiving official notice of these awards in the next week, and the winning teas will be featured at An International Tea Moment's Best of 2010 Event to be held within the month.

Check out these teas and see what all the fuss is about!